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30 April 2021

Recycling bikes to Africa

At Frog Bikes we want to instil the love of cycling at a young age and to increase the accessibility of cycling wherever we can. We are committed to supporting charities that we feel do amazing work in helping to make this happen.

Let’s introduce you to Re-Cycle...

Re-Cycle is a UK-based charity that specialises in providing affordable transport to people living in rural Africa in the form of a humble bike.

Since 1998, Re-cycle has sent over 117,000 bikes to Africa, to help assist rural communities.


There are so many bikes in the UK that lay around unused in sheds and garages, that people in Africa could significantly benefit from having access to.

Having the use of bikes enriches the lives of those less fortunate in Africa by providing them with much sought after independence.

A bicycle can reduce travel time, dramatically improve health and wellbeing and increase a family’s income by up to 35%.

Bikes can provide assistance in Africa, with:

  • 🟢 Travelling long distances to reach crucial services

  • 🟢 Gaining easier access to support networks

  • 🟢 Carrying heavy loads that need to go to market, school and work

  • 🟢 Fetching water and crops


Re-Cycle does not refurbish donated bikes in the UK, instead, after being quality checked, they are prepared and loaded onto containers for shipping. Re-Cycle then works with partners in four African countries, The Gambia, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa. These partners facilitate projects such as bicycle maintenance and repairs training which are provided by their own trained mechanics located in Africa.

Once the bikes have been repaired they are then distributed or sold by the partners in Africa. These bikes would be of minimal cost to the local community, making them a very affordable mode of transport.

The bikes can be maintained by trained repairers and used by the entire family.


It’s not uncommon for children to face a 12-mile round-trip to school. Bicycles play an essential role in keeping children in education by cutting journey times by as much as 75%, enabling students to be able to travel safely to and from school with energy left to focus on studies.


In many African rural communities, young women and some children are responsible for collecting water and firewood, with head-loading being commonplace. This not only puts considerable strain on the neck but also compresses the spine, often causing long term damage.

Having access to a bicycle means these young women and children can better carry heavy goods on their bikes, and up to 5 times more water! Easing the burden and preventing long term ailments.

Want to help? Here are the many ways you can get involved

Re-Cycle is really helping to make a difference to the lives of the people in rural Africa. And you can help too...


Re-Cycle aims to send 7,000 bikes to Africa in 2021 – and you can be a part of that. If you have a bike you no longer use, whether it be a children’s bike or adult bike you can simply drop it off at one of the many locations listed here >>


Put the fun into fundraising and organise an event to raise money for Re-Cycle. They’ll help with fun materials, creative ideas, expert support and loads of ways to make the most of your fundraising initiative. Find out more >>


If you would simply like to donate some money towards the charities good work, you can donate here >>


Re-Cycle relies heavily on support from volunteers. If you’d like to donate your time, you could get involved with warehouse & workshop support, collecting bikes, or research and office support. Learn more about it here >>

To find out more information about the charity please visit

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