How to make your bike spooktacular this Halloween

22 October 2021

The time for Halloween celebrations is creeping up on us. At Frog we don’t just dress up ourselves, we dress up our bikes too! Because… what better way to go trick or treating than on your bike!!

We’ve put together some fa-boo-lous ideas of how you can include your bike in this years’ Halloween costume, from ghastly ghouls to scary skeletons!

Here’s how to get into the spooky spirit:


Stickers are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your bike. We added ghosts, skeletons, eyeballs and pumpkins all over the frame of the bike. And, by using glue dots to secure the stickers they were easy to peel off without damaging the paintwork and they can be reused.


There are so many great Halloween themed tinsels available now, which makes it a nice straightforward and very effective way to wrap up the bike frame in spooktacular style! We’ve used a ghost-themed one for the green bike and a pumpkin-themed one for the black bike. You could also use Halloween printed tape too! Make sure to secure the ends properly so that they don’t flap around as you cycle.


We found a frightfully fun use for Halloween head boppers. We tied one to the front of the bike onto the handlebars so that the bike looks alive with its own crazy Halloween personality! And, it’s another inexpensive accessory too!


We used plastic spiders which we dotted on different parts of the bike frame using glue dots to make our bikes look incredibly creepy-crawly! And, once removed from the bike they can be used time and time again for other crafts.


We’ve also wrapped glow stick bracelets around parts of the bike’s frame and on the top of the handlebars so that when it’s dark our bike will hauntingly glow in the night!

With all these eerily easy suggestions, your bike should now be fit to scare the souls out of passers-by!!


Why not take a look at our free Halloween themed activity sheets for the kids!

Simply print them off and they can start designing their very own Halloween lantern (without all the pumpkin pip mess!), or download the colouring activity and get creative with the creepy creatures!

Check out the Halloween activity sheets here >>

Or Good Housekeeping has got 30 free Halloween printables for fun and spooky decor, games, treats, and more.

The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) has created a how to make a sundial activity for the kids - time for sunshine, vampires beware!


Looking for family costume inspiration? Good Housekeeping has put together 41 family Halloween costumes the whole gang can wear together.


If you enjoy Halloween decorating but want to avoid wasteful inflatables and disposable items, there are plenty of ways to incorporate eco-friendly Halloween decorations into your holiday, as published by The Green Child Magazine.

We hope you have a ghoulishly good day!

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