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Come and join in the fun and games with Frog!
We've got some great bike themed activities to keep your children entertained, including arts and crafts, physical quests, puzzles and word challenges.

Christmas Colouring
Have some fun colouring in the fantastic festive treats, from sparkling snowflakes to glittering gingerbread!

Christmas Wishlist
Print out and get started on the list of the lovely things you would like to receive from Santa this Christmas!

Green heart for climate action
Colour in the green heart and put it up in your window to show your support against climate change.

Help save the environment
Draw and describe ways that you could make an ongoing positive impact to help save the environment.

Colourful Halloween
Get your crayons ready! Print out and colour in all the candy and all things creepy!

Design a Halloween Lantern
Print out and design your very own Halloween lantern and make it spooktacular!

Get on your Bike Challenge
Download the activity sheet to discover cycling themed challenges to help encourage kids to spend more time on their bikes, or to try new two-wheeled adventures.

Design a Cycling Helmet
Download and print out this awesome creative worksheet.
Get as colourful and as creative as possible, designing the best cycling helmet you've ever seen!

The Frog Squad Reward Chart
The perfect Frog lover's chart to reward achievements!
Simply print the chart and fill out positive goals for your child to achieve & colour the frog faces for rewards.

Design a Cycling Jersey
Be seen and look smart! Design a cycling jersey that would make sure you were noticed when cycling. Download the free printable and get creating!

The Frog Bikes Wordsearch
How many bike related words can you find?
See if you can find the 15 words related to cycling in this fun, printable wordearch.

The Frog Bikes Crossword
Can you help us solve the cycling crossword puzzle? With 9 clues that are connected to bikes and cycling to help you work out the answers.

How to make: Ribbon Bike Streamers
Spruce up your bike with colour ribbon streamers, with this great Summer craft.

How to make: A Frog Dream Jar
What are your dreams for the future? Create your very own jar full of dreams!

A5 Bike Party Invitations
Print out these awesome Bike Party invitations to send to all your friends for your two-wheeled birthday celebration!