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For Our Planet and the Future of Our Children

At Frog Bikes we are not just concerned with instilling the love of cycling from a young age to ensure an active and healthy future generation, we are also on a journey to encourage a more sustainable bicycle industry and to protect our planet for our children's children.

Each year we support 3 charities who we feel are doing amazing work in the following 3 areas:

Family and children's health The protection of our planet Increase the accessibility of cycling

For 2020/21 we have chosen to support and champion the work of these 3 fantastic organisations:


Did you know as many as 1.8 million school age children in the UK are at risk of hunger in the morning? A hungry child cannot concentrate. For 34p Magic Breakfast can give a child a healthy breakfast and expert support to their school, opening up hours of crucial lesson time in the morning. Magic Breakfast are a registered charitiy whose goal is to end hunger as a barrier to education in UK schools through the provisions of healthy breakfasts to children living with food poverty.
To find out more about Magic Breakfast click here.


The Young People's Trust for the Environment is a charity dedicated to educating young people on the importance of looking after our environment and living by sustainable methods. Their goal is to give young people a real awareness of environmental problems, such as climate change, disappearing wildlife, the pollution of soil, air and water, the destruction of rainforests and wetlands, the spread of desert regions and the misuse of the oceans. Their website offers hundreds of great resources for kids, teens, teachers and parents on Environmental Issues, Animals and more.
For more information on the Young People's Trust for the Environment please click here.


Re-Cycle receives used bikes in the UK and donates them to trusted partners in Africa. The ethos behind their work is sustainability. Working in partnership with four organisations across four different African countries, each one doing something inspiring and empowering with the bicycles that are sent to them. All own and run bike social enterprises – this ensures that the bikes provided by Re-Cycle can be repaired, distributed and maintained for a long time to come.
To find out about the amazing work being done by Re-Cycle click here.